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Here you will find our latest video-projects with some additional information.

Move and Motion
Impressie video 'Move & Motion'

Cervélo P2 2013

5 Jaar J.van Dam & Rikkes Teaser

WesternLife Leader

Artic Challenge Leader (complete tv-graphic package was made)

Another day @ the office [Rekel Producties]
Gedraaid op de GoPro Hero en Kodak Playsport.

CarTracks Leader V2

Konova Slider
Random test shots with the new Konova Slider. Uitmermate geschikt voor lowbudget film en music video's.

Macro with 7D
Canon 7D | 100mm Macro IS USM |

Matchmoving with Canon 7D
Canon 7D | 16-35 EF |

Kawasaki ZZR 1100

Canon 7D | 16-35 EF |

Tenfi Studio's Promotion-film.

Canon 7D | 16-35 EF |

De commercial 'SMS-Veilig' heeft een maand gedraaid op RTL, en is geproduceerd door NewSenseMedia.

Montage & Post-Productie (plus oplevering) is verzorgt door EyeMotion.

Gedraaid op XDCAM, gemonteerd in FCP, kleurcorrectie MBL

Promo video voor DJ van Dam, gedraaid tijdens het "Piratenfeest" in Groot-Ammers.
Gefilmt met een Canon 5D in combinatie met Zeiss lenzen.

A real trapper weekend full of happiness and joy.
EyeMotion was invited for a short compilation film, and here it is :)

Shot on a Canon XHA1 HDV 1080p
Letus 35mm Adapter
Canon FD, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 110mm, most shots on f1.8/2.8
Music made by Bill Justis

In opdracht van "New Sense Media", geproduceerd door "EyeMotion".
Een leader voor een interne communicatie film van de ING.
Gedraaid op XDCAM 1080, 25p, edited in FCP, en AE.

This is the official leader for "Bres vs Holland", it's a Dutch talkshow with Henk Bres and Kim Holland.

New Sense Media did the production, and EyeMotion the post-production.

Edited in FCP, MBL, AE

The official videoclip of Mooreblack - Freedom.
Recorded on 07-02-10 in R'Dam.

Production is done by "New Sense Media" together with "EyeMotion" for the post-production and on-set recording.

We'd like to thank everybody for their help, and fun we had that day!

Some technical-info:
-We'd used the Canon XHA1 for recording in HDV.
-Letus Extreme with Canon-fd lenses (24, 50, 110mm).
-Post is done in FinalCut, together with MBL for color.

For more info about the band, Link

A short video-compilation about a car event in Belgium.
We followed the tuning-group "Carplace" the whole day and here's the result...
It's the SD version, tapes has to be re-captured.. to bad

Canon XHA1
HDV 108025p (orginal format)
Canon fd, 20, 28, 50, 110
And some color correction with mbl

Insight - In a big way ( Drum-video )

Shot with a Canon XH A1, Letus Extreme, and some canon fd lenses ( 24mm, 50mm, 110mm )
Edited in Premiere, color-correction done in MBL.

Many thanks to:
- Insight's drummer John Doorn a.k.a "JayDee"
- Drum-studio "DrumBase"
- Sound Engineer "René Tulner"
- Music-band "Insight" and "Kitchie Nadal"

Last year "8min" (a Dutch pop band) had a tour through Holland, EyeMotion was there to capture some experimental highlights...

Shot with Canon XH A1, nothing more :)

VW Lupo,

Just some exeperimental footage, discovering new effects :p

Short motion-tracking test, ( never used this technique before ), and some other experimental effects.

We went to an abandon swimmingpool and took some shots. Captured with a XHA1, Letus Extreme, and some fd lenses..

Effects created with Boujou, After Effects, MBL, and 3DMax.

Thanks to "Dennis" and "Alex" for their cars...

De Lift 2008

A friend of my needed a movie for an (actor) audition contest.
So we did some resource, wrote a script, rent some lights, and started to record...

Filmed with a Canon XHA1, 50i, Letus35mm EX, Canon FD lenses, and a lot of light...

Edited on Premiere, color correction done in MB.

Thanks to everyone on the set!

Vacation in Belgium, where we decided to make a film scene in just one shot...
So we practice some times, and more times, and then started to record.
What you see here, is the result.

Shot on a Canon XH A1, with Steadicam, in HDV 25p.
Color Correction was done in MBL.